Exterior Paint Preparation

Our Exterior Site Preparation includes:

  • We will thoroughly clean all surfaces to remove dirt and mildew before painting.
  • We will remove all loose paint, caulking and glazing.
  • We use acrylic latex caulk, which has a manufacturer’s warranty of not less than 40 years, to coat and siliconize all gapped or failed caulking. Glazing will also be replaced, if necessary.
  • We cover driveways, walkways, shrubbery — all areas for preparation or painting — when doing the job.
  • We will spot-prime bare wood where loose paint has been removed before any finish is applied, unless Sherwin Williams Duration, which is self-priming, is specified.
  • We sand and check woodwork for imperfections, which if large enough will be sealed with wood filler, then sanded and primed before any finish is applied.
  • We generally remove vertical drainpipes (downspouts), but don’t remove horizontal gutter systems. The gutters themselves can be painted.
  • We will clean work areas to your satisfaction when work is completed.
  • We guarantee your satisfaction for all of our two-coat work.