The 3 biggest mistakes to watch out for before painting your house

Number one: Choosing the Wrong Colors   One of the biggest, mistakes is basing your paint color choice on color chips. You pick out a nice color from the strip at the store and order your paint. But when you see the paint on the walls at home, it doesn’t look like the color you picked out. You can avoid this problem by asking your painting contractor to paint a small portion of your wall right next to the room’s elements (furniture, curtains) and take a look at it at different times during the day to make sure that is the right color for you. At X Painting we offer a free color consultation just call us (512) 766-5561   Number two: Cold Temperatures   One of the most important factors to think about when you are considering painting the exterior of your home is temperature. Paint reacts very differently as temperatures approach the freezing mark compared to how paint performs during warmer weather. Our advice end-of-March to mid-October is the best time for exterior painting.   Number three: Painting Over Popcorn Ceilings Without Testing First   Test-paint a small section in an inconspicuous spot before you paint over a popcorn-textured ceiling, . If the texture stays up and everything looks fine, go ahead and paint the whole ceiling. Some ceiling texture will fall off in sheets when it is painted over, so testing first is a must.